SAIPEM 10000 HMF-H Marine Riser 10 Year Re-certification

Marine Riser Inspection, Repairs & Maintenance
Multimarine Services Ltd, Limassol Port
SAIPEM & GE (Oil & Gas)



Project: HMF-H Marine Riser 10 Year Re-certification
Start Date: April 2015
Completion Date: Ongoing
Drilling Rig: SAIPEM 10000
OEM: GE Oil & Gas
Riser Type: HMF-H
Certifying Body: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
No. of Recertified Joints: 90ft Joints (52 pcs), 5ft Joints (2 pcs), 10ft Joints (2 pcs), 15ft Joints (2 pcs), 20ft (1 pc), 40ft (1 pc)

Multimarine Services Ltd is a GE Oil & Gas Approved Contractor for the Overhaul & Repairs (O&R) HMF-H Marine Risers.

In April 2015, Multimarine Services Ltd was appointed by GE Oil & Gas to complete the Full 10 Year Recertification of 52 x 90ft Riser Joints and 8 x Pup Joints of the D/S SAIPEM 10000. All works are being completed in Multimarine’s facilities in Limassol Port and include the following:

o   Handling, transportation and storage of the Riser Joints with an in-house fleet of Mobile Cranes; Joints

o   Provision of customized tools & complete disassembly of Riser Joints to component level

  1. Buoyancy Modules
  2. Hardware (thrust collars, threaded inserts, locking nuts, riser bolts, nose pins/seal subs)
  3. Auxiliary Lines 

o   Traceability & Document Control

o   Cleaning and preparation for Inspection

  1. High Pressure Water Cleaning (HPWC) at 250 bar 
  2. High Pressure Water Jetting (HPWJ) at 1,500 bar
  3. Abrasive Blasting (angular, sharp shaped grit)
  4. Vacuum Abrasive Blasting (angular, sharp shaped grit)
  5. Soda Blasting

o   Full Non-Destructive Testing (as per SNT-TC-1A) & other methods of inspection

  1. Visual Testing (VT)
  2. Magnetic Particle Testing (MT) – colour contrast and fluorescent
  3. Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT) – colour contrast and fluorescent
  4. Ultrasonic Testing (UT) including wall thickness
  5. Phased Array Testing (PA) - Optional
  6. Eddy Current Testing (ET) – Optional
  7. Brinell Hardness Testing
  8. Positive Material Identification (PMI)
  9. Dimensional Testing

o   Repair and/or re-manufacture as required to restore compliance of failed components

  1. Auxiliary Lines – repairs and/or complete re-fabrication from new parts and pipe
  2. Main Tubes – cutting and welding of new pipe
  3. Buoyancy Modules – repairs

Methods of welding using approved Welding Process Specifications include:

  1. GTAW – manual
  2. GMAW – semi automatic
  3. SMAW – manual
  4. FCAW – semi automatic
  5. SAW – automatic

o   Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

o   Coating of Marine Riser, Buoyancy Modules & Hardware

  1. Surface dust assessment, surface profiling and dry film thickness measurements
  2. Application of approved Protective Coating Systems
  3. Galvanizing of hardware
  4. Phosphate Coating of hardware

o   Complete assembly of Riser Joints, maintenance and storage

o   Issue of CoC

o   Issue of Data Book for each Marine Riser Joint


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